LLCFBA is the place where you can get all the precise information from forming an LLC to register your business on Amazon marketplace. Our dedicated team in Pakistan and U.S can help to achieve your business goal. Please feel free to reach out to our contact info. We’re here to empower smart people who have bright idea, people like you.

Protect yourself

Ensure you’re not on the hook for business liabilities.

Make things easier

LLC FBA have simpler record-keeping rules. Corporations are stricter.

Save on taxes

You get to decide how you’re taxed—as an LLC or a corporation—for potential savings.

We're entrepreneurs, just like you. Our goal is to convert your entrepreneurship dreams into reality by applying our unique experiences. LLCFBA helped many ecommerce entrepreneurs globally who are successfully running their businesses on Amazon market.

Our diverse team strongly believes that in business the most powerful tools for building TRUST is simply being open, honest and transparent in all of your communications.

Ready to join your LLC FBA?

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