Why Form a Limited Liability Company (LLC) in United States?

If you are considering to develop your Amazon seller profile

While protecting your business and personal assets,

forming an LLC in U.S. is the best choice!

LLC for Amazon Seller Business Owner

If you are selling products on Amazon as a sole proprietor, without forming an LLC, you are leaving yourself personally liable if any customer has any problem with an item which you are trying to sell on Amazon. They could sue you and your personal assets.

However, by forming a Limited Liability Company you would have legal protection and are not personally liable for any misfortunes with your product.

What is an LLC?

An LLC is a limited liability legal entity that can be used when forming a new business in U.S. Limited liabilities companies have rapidly become one of the most common business entity types for new and       small businesses because they are considered to be simpler and more flexible than a corporation.

Forming an LLC is a best option to protect your personal assets in the occasion your business is sued.

LLCs can be possessed by more than one person, who is known as LLC members. An LLC with one proprietor is called as a single-member LLC.

What Does “LLC” Stand For?

LLC stands for Limited Liability Company.

Does Amazon Seller Need to Form an LLC?

You just launched your Amazon seller account so you can sell your products on this popular amazon   marketplace.

After a while, your product sales start to pick up, and you decided whether you need to form a Limited Liability Company (LLC) be a successful Amazon seller or not Many times, these reasons deal with monetary and legal protection. Even though you might be a small seller now, but what happens if your Amazon business starts to unexpectedly climb up? What if someone steal your amazon brand and use your same product to sell on amazon? At that moment, you need to think how you can protect your brand on Amazon market. Is your business protected? What about tax payments? There are so many essential inquiries to ask yourself when climbing your business on an internet marketplace like Amazon!

Amending an LLC

If you need to make any change to your LLC, you need to file an amendment with your secretary of state. Not entirely changes need to be modified, but generally anything within your LLC’s Articles of Organization that is being changed needs to be filed with SOS.

How many sellers on Amazon are small businesses?

There are approx.1.7 million small and medium businesses are selling their products on Amazon stores as of today.

According to the recent statistics, Amazon Prime membership grew to 147 million members in the U.S. as of March 2021, up 24.6% from 118 million in March 2020. It means consumer buying ratio is sky rocket J and amazon sellers have higher opportunity to sell their product to amazon buyer!

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