Business Tax Returns

Also known as a “Tax ID number,” the EIN is a business federal tax ID that works like a Social Security Number for your business. Your EIN helps you file tax returns for your business, is typically required to open a business bank account under the name of your business, helps you properly pay and account for wages and payroll for your company’s employees, and otherwise helps establish credit for your business and maintain your business’s official standing as a legal business entity.

Business Tax Returns by Certified Public Accounts

With small business accounting, it’s important to understand the unique tax requirements of different types of business entities LLCFBA’s business accountants take the confusion out of tax filing and help you ensure your business follows the right procedures for client LLC

 Every United States small business will typically need to file and pay taxes with:

The Internal Revenue Service

Your state’s department of revenue

The main types of taxes you may need to pay contains:

Federal income tax

State income tax

Self-employment tax

Payroll tax

Other business taxes

LLC Tax Filing

A limited liability company (LLC) tax usually files with individual personal income tax returns, every year.

If you run an LLC, you will need to file a 1040 with the business and self-employment schedules. In U.S., the tax season starts in the beginning of the year (January) and end April 15th.

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